2017, 55 Annual Rock and Gem Show pt.3

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2017, 55 Annual Rock and Gem Show pt.2

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2017, 55th Annual Rock and Gem Show Pt.1

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Scenes From Grant Park 2016

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May 7th 2016 Field Trip

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2016 Show

The 2016 Kettle Moraine Geological Society's Rock and Gem show, held at the Washington County Fair Park, was very successful this year. Here are some photos from that event. The Kettle Moraine Geological Society has a successful 54th annual show. Johanna Allison and Bernice McCloskey had a great time discussing the history [...]

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Silha Quarry

Several times a year, the Rock River Valley Geological Society invites our club to Silha Quarry.

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Stone Quarry in Janesville

This stone quarry is located in the area of Janesville, Wisconsin, and many of our  members have taken advantage of this field trip.

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Silha Quarry Parking

People park on the floor of the quarry and climb the huge piles of clean, sorted stones staying away from the dangerous side walls where there are frequent cave-ins.

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Looking For Agates, Fossils, and Minerals

Rockhounds scatter in search for agates, fossils, minerals, and anything else the glaciers left behind.

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